January 2, 2013

Snippets from Elu Devi Baruah's Sketchbook

She writes prolifically, novels and newspaper columns. She cooks the best chole ever. She paints panoramic landscapes, portraits and carries a sketchbook around everywhere. She is brimming with creativity that pours out through various channels; a pen, a paintbrush, a ladle. She keeps her sketchbook locked in an old Godrej wardrobe. The sketches are just an creative outlet for her restless fingers, they weren't meant to be shared. But when I chanced upon them, I realized it would be a crime not to share these snippets from my aunt's sketchbook, sketches that hardly takes less than an hour to materialize. I am honoured to be the first one to share these works of art through my blog. I apologize for the poor resolution of the images, as I had only my phone camera at hand.

Portraits of the departed: My aunt's in-laws

Boat of destiny: Where will you steer it?

Bare necessities: A hut on the way to Cherapunjee

The Embrace
Sensuous Femininity

A rough sketch of the Venetian canals

Sun and Shade