March 20, 2013

I Want One Too...

...(in a few years from now) but sans the morning sickness and labour pain, and if possible toilet-trained at birth. And please God, make them chubby, healthy, quirky and fun and may they...

...jump onto my bed and have a fit of giggles about my funny morning hair.
...look at me with those liquid black eyes.
...delight in playing hide-and-seek. the cutest thing ever! aware of their cuteness and use it to their full advantage to melt my heart.

March 17, 2013

Random Stuff I Miss At 1am #1

His name is Bhola, and for the medical interns posted at Boko, Assam he is the unofficial protector, companion while watching a starlit sky, reluctant offerer of its back to scratch, obliging listener to secret confessions, prompt fetcher of wayward shuttlecocks while playing badminton, drooler at kitchen door, loud barker, and quite the dude

March 14, 2013

Relics of Childhood

Today I saw a beautiful and moving series of photographs of children from different corners of the world being photographed with their most precious possessions. The little girl from Zambia and the little boy from Bangkok are so cute, I want to gobble them up!

I tried to recollect the most treasured (material) possessions from my early childhood. Mostly they were comic books and Enid Blyton mysteries. I stacked them in a brown cupboard with a glass door, and in the evening I used to return home after a delightful hour of playing with the neighbourhood kids and my cousins, splash some water on my face (to appease my mother), sit cross-legged on my bed and take out a book from that cupboard. It was a solitary hour of reading that I looked forward to every day; but those books and the cupboard got left behind while moving to a new place. I just hope some kid, who liked reading, found them.

A few days ago I had helped my mother clean up the old trunks in the attic. And it was here that I found certain run-down relics of my childhood.

An unusually cheerful Garfield that liked to hug.

 I called her Tiffany, after the actor who played Vicki the Robot in the series Small Wonder.

This is my favorite childhood possession. My father had bought this glow-worm when I was barely two years old. I liked to think of it as an extremely hunch-backed, chubby-cheeked and kind old woman looking out for me whenever I woke up in the dark after a nightmare.