March 20, 2013

I Want One Too...

...(in a few years from now) but sans the morning sickness and labour pain, and if possible toilet-trained at birth. And please God, make them chubby, healthy, quirky and fun and may they...

...jump onto my bed and have a fit of giggles about my funny morning hair.
...look at me with those liquid black eyes.
...delight in playing hide-and-seek. the cutest thing ever! aware of their cuteness and use it to their full advantage to melt my heart.

...never feel so scared and vulnerable about anything in life.
...crack me up with their crazy antics!

...embarrass their siblings with even more crazy antics!
...delight in every little joy of life.

...revel in a common childhood!
...always treasure our bond.

...delight in making the elder sibling dance to their tunes.
...always allow me to cuddle up to them.

...create their own fun, little games and happiness
...look just as cute when they fall asleep during a long journey.

...look just as funny when they threaten me with dire consequences.
...draw black, squiggly birds and yellow houses and a bright orange sun.

...wait outside my window and call out to me again  before leaving for school.

...never let go of their innocence.
...have chubby cheeks and smiling eyes and little toes that I could just gobble up!

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